Boys & Girls Clubs of America celebrates the importance of establishing stronger relationships between adults and youth by leading the BGC Day for Kids effort. Held annually on the third Saturday in September, BGC Day for Kids was established to encourage adults and children to spend meaningful time together.

Research shows that adults spending meaningful time with young people helps kids develop a positive self-image, and a sense of belonging, usefulness and purpose. Now more than ever, BGC Day for Kids encourages adults and youth to take a break from their busy lives, and enjoy spending time together.

More than a thousand Day for Kids events took place across the nation and on U.S. military bases overseas. Our very own celebration took place at 70 Nick Cosmos Way and was attended by 200 of our members and their families.

Our Kids Day featured a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu demonstration by MMA great, Gabriel Santos, volleyball and basketball games as well as an open swim in our beautifully refurbished pool. McGruff the police canine who reminded kids to stay off drugs and stay in school was one of our visitors as well. Jose Rubero of Nuestras Raices rode his Paso Fino, as he has many times before in the New York City Hispanic Parade, Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade and numerous other Hispanic Festivals. We served both American fare as well as Hispanic fare to our company. Staff as well as parent and Board volunteers served hotdogs, pinchos, popcorn, sno-cones and a variety of other snacks and beverages to our appreciative guests.

Please consider joining us next year for this fun-filled, family oriented day. Your kids will thank you!